Eurocopter AS350 B3 AStar

This is a single engine light weight helicopter manufactured by the Eurocopter group powered by the Turbomeca Arriel engine and fitted with wider chord AS355 main rotor blades and tail roto servo.  The B3 is an excellent choice for hot and high altitude jobs.  Missions include external load, VIP transport, aerial filming, photography, and fire surpression. We currently operate three AS350 B3 AStar Helicopters.

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  • Carries one crew member
  • Has a maximum capacity of five or six passengers
  • It is 42.34 feet long and 10.63 feet high
  • Sports a 35.07 foot rotor diameter
  • It weighs 2,825 pounds empty
  • The maximum takeoff weight is over 5000 pounds
  • Maximum speed is 178 mph
  • Cruise speed is 138 mph
  • Maximum range is 408 miles
  • Maximum service ceiling is 16,550 feet
  • Maximum rate of climb is 1,959 feet per minute
  • External Load capability of over 2500 pounds

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