Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana or wherever you need us, we will be there.


Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana or wherever you need us, we will be there.

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You are in for the treat of your life! If you are considering taking in some of the sites of the Pacific Northwest you've truly come to the right place

From our centrally located base in Yakima Washington, we are a short hop away from just about anything you might like to see.


Interested in volcanoes? Search no further, this is volcano headquarters with five active volcanoes in Washington, five more in Oregon and dozens of dormant or inactive volcanic sites across Washington state, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia.

Imagine what it will be like swooping in close to the Pacific Rim volcanoes, this experience is limited to those lucky few that have had enough vision and sense of adventure to take the plunge and hire our services to see these wonders of the world.

Here is a short list of the more prominent volcanic attractions:

Rain Forests of the Western Pacific Northwest

One of the most unique places in the country is the Olympic Peninsula with the virgin forests of the Hoh and Quinalt temperate rain forests. There are species of plants, birds, and animals that exist only in this area and the sights from the sky are both beyond wonder and limitless.

Trees like the Sitka Spruce dominate this landscape where ancient giants remain untouched as they have for ages. The reason that these rain forests exist are also a sight to behold; the Olympic mountains push back the range and make for some amazing scenery as we fly over the peaks and valleys.

Come see the combination of the Olympic mountains, amazingly lush rainforests and endless coastline that make up the Pacific Coast. This is something you will talk about the rest of your life and will result in you undoubtedly returning time and again for years to come!

Arid Desert Climate of the Eastern Pacific Northwest

South Eastern Washington and Oregon as well as Southern Idaho are more desert than anything else. The Olympic mountains essentially stop most of the precipitation that would otherwise affect this region and this results in an extremely dry, sun dappled region that boasts around 300 days of sunshine a year.

The Eastern portion of the Pacific Northwest is another area that has its own amazing wonders, from the Northern portion of Washington state where pine forests abound and earlier settlers mined for precious metals, to the Southern most regions of Oregon where the rivers are wild and the land is rugged.

Come fly with us over places like:

  • The winding and wild Snake River
  • The Columbia River Gorge wich extends from the deserts of Washington and Oregon to the cool Pacific Coast
  • Grand Coulee Dam in Washington which helped tame the wild West and the mighty Columbia River
  • Polouse Falls and the Dry Falls region

Until you've seen the variety and the mysteries of the Pacific Northwest, you haven't seen anything!

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, wherever you need us, we will be there.


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