Aerial Crane and Heavy Load Lift Services

Our Maximum lift weight for our helicopters here at JRH is 3000 pounds.

Helicopters aren't just for moving things from here to there, they have been used since the first helicopter took to the air for construction support, heavy lifting, and other similar ventures.

Aerial Construction Support

Many companies and individuals are making the discovery that the cost of leveraging a helicopter's ability to precisely place heavy objects in the need of construction are often less than the transport, maintenance, security, and operating expenses of ground equipment.

Our specially trained staff with precision skills can maneuver tough to place items that other pieces of equipment would find difficult, if not impossible, to place.

Call us today (509-452-3300) and let us help you achieve your construction goals quickly to meet ever more demanding budgets and timelines.

External Load and Heavy Lifting

Helicopters are unrivaled when it comes to the delivery of heavy items quickly or to out of the way places with ease. Whether you need something picked up and delivered to the top of a mountain, the middle of the desert, or to an offshore platform, the only way to go is rotary services!

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, wherever you need us, we will be there!


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